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Here at New Life, it is our aim to be a “house of prayer.” This seminar provided us a unique opportunity to take a corporate step and deepen our prayer lives … together. We invite you to watch a six-part series called, School of Prayer, where you will gain a greater appetite for God’s presence and turn prayer into an absolute delight.

Larry Lea - Sep 24, 2014

School of Prayer - Week 1

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School of Prayer - Week 1 Sep 24, 2014 Watch
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The book of Ephesians makes it clear— Jesus wants his saints fully equipped for the work of ministry. At New Life, we view equipping as much more than education. We want your families to be healthy and strong, your ministries to flourish, your marketplace influence to expand, and your lives to be truly transformed by the power of Jesus Christ.

A. The Need

The equipping needs of the church fall into four categories:

  1. Christian maturity – applies to every believer, regardless of one’s stage in life (e.g. how to study the Bible, personal finance)
  2. Demographic-specific – applies to those in a specific stage of life (e.g. parents, singles, business owners)
  3. Leadership development – applies to those who function in a specific leadership role at NLP (e.g. life group leaders, ministry coordinators)
  4. Pastoral & Missionary training – applies to those who feel called to full-time, vocational ministry

B. Our Strategy

One of our primary venues is a six-week classroom experience called primetime, which is designed to help you sharpen your skills, grow in the Word and become everything God has called you to be. Three times a year, we carve out Wednesday nights for the whole family. The adults have their choice of classes, teenagers have bible study, and our children take part in an A-class, interactive, Bible-based program.

We offer four core courses, which cover topics crucial to the spiritual development of every believer. We encourage every member to consider the following classes:

  1. Can You Hear Me Now? … a course on hearing the voice of God
  2. Becoming Disciples of Christ … a class designed specifically for new believers
  3. Knowing the Holy Spirit … addresses the Holy Spirit’s role and function
  4. S.H.A.P.E. … a personal discovery of your gifts, passions, and sense of calling

We also occasionally offer seminars, conferences, real-talk panels, marketplace luncheons, and retreats –– all in an attempt to help you fulfill the calling and destiny that God has for you and your family’s life

For those who have a leadership role in the church (e.g. life group leaders, ministry coordinators),  we hold Leadership Huddles throughout the year, each designed to infuse our leaders with vision, practical training, and access to church developments that have direct impact on their role.

For those who feel a divine call to full-time work in missions, contact Pastor Doug Chandler as our missions dept has an excellent missionary training program. For those who feel called to pastoral leadership and church planting, contact Pastor Wayne Buechler. He oversees NLMI’s Church Multiplication Center.