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This fall is the PERFECT time to find a Life Group. You can browse a list of available small groups by clicking on either “List of Groups” or “Group Map” below under the “Resources” section. You can also find a hardcopy of the Life Group Directory at any of our campuses. Once you’ve found a group or two that you think will fit your schedule and interests, contact the group leaders to confirm their next meeting time and location, and then make a visit!

What is a Life Group?
Life groups complement our weekend services and help provide balance in ministry at New Life. A life group consists of five to fifteen people who meet regularly at a church member’s home. The majority of groups meet the first three weeks of each month, but schedules may vary by group. By participating in a life group, individuals of all ages can enjoy genuine community, receive personal ministry, share the burdens of others, and have a greater opportunity to use and develop his/her ministry and leadership gifts.

Value of Life Groups
Life Groups are the foundational building block of NLP. It is the only ministry of the church to which we ask members to intentionally commit. We have found that small groups provide the most effective, ongoing environment for discipleship, spiritual growth, Christian community, leadership development, pastoral care, and everything the Bible describes “church” to be.

Types of Life Groups
We offer several types of life groups. Most are “classic” in that their purpose is simply discipleship and Christian community, and the format of their group generally consists of fellowship, worship, Bible-based discussion, and ministry. Groups that are classified as “affinity” are those that gather around a specified point of interest. We also have some “support” groups. These life groups meet for a pre-determined time frame and have a very specific goal in helping those who attend.

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