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New Life Providence Worship consists of a united, multi-ethnic group of worshippers who desire God’s presence in worship to transform the community of New Life Providence and the community in which we live.  We recognize the awesome responsibility that God has placed on our lives as worshippers and are committed to chasing after Him with our whole heart. Our efforts toward excellence are a reflection of our desire to present a worship offering that brings joy to God’s heart.  Our choice of music and dance is eclectic in style and appreciates the many contributions of artists within the Christian community.

Come join WAM by being a part of any of the following:


Our vocal team consists of frontline singers, song leaders, and worship leaders. Those interested in singing should contact Clem at 757.227.6930 or email or join us on Thursday evenings for rehearsals.


Our musicians consist of keyboard players, bassists, guitarists, drummers, percussionists, and other instrumentalists.  This group accompanies the worship choir and vocalists at weekend worship services. Members of this team are expected to be able to read chord charts. Qualified and interested persons should contact Clem at 757.277.6930 or email to arrange an audition. Rehearsals are held on Thursday evenings.

Media/Audio Team

Our media/audio team consists of individuals who operate media/light boards, all aspects of video announcements from writing to video shoots to editing, live cameras, camera switchboards, and soundboards. Pro Presenter is our way of presenting words, graphics, and videos for our various services and special productions. The media and audio areas have many openings. We will train you for these positions. No experience is necessary.

Dance/Performing Arts

Performing Arts at New Life Providence consists of a multi-ethnic group of talented individuals who are anointed in the areas of art and expression. The dance team consists of male and female dancers with a background in ballet, tap dance, hip-hop, street, urban, classical, and Latin. Whether you are a professional dancer or a beginner, the dance team welcomes you! For more information, contact Ashlea Lusher at 757.227.6930 or email

Art Life

Get connect with a community of visual artists who meet regularly to create, learn, grow, and encourage one another.  Contact Jill Eulo for more information at

Featured Artist

Visual artists are often featured at our various Video Café services.  Please contact to get on the schedule!

Arts Café

The Arts Café was created as a venue to release creative expression at New Life Providence. We have hosted events spotlighting music/jazz, dance, dinner theater, comedy, film, and our church’s own visual artists.

Each  event features incredible culinary and baking creativity, under the leadership of Mark Nowak and Beth Howell, and some form of visual art. The threefold purpose of ARTS CAFE is to create:

1. A safe venue where the creative arts can be expressed and appreciated.
2. A venue to release and feature artists within the church and body of Christ.
3. A venue where outreach is non-threatening and inviting.

Events are held about once a month during the school year. For the most up to date information on the Arts Café check out their Facebook page or e-mail at

We are excited about the growth that our Creative/Creator God intends for both artists and appreciators of the arts!